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August 11, 2006


Giovanni Gallucci

Thank you for understanding Jason. However, to right the record: I started on the mac.I keep trying Windows because the rest of the world uses it, but always go back to Apple. I have issues being productive because Apple focuses on making their platform work well by itself, they aren't concerned with interoperability. I have to work in a windows world. So...I now can finally use a mac for my personal enjoyment with a virtualization solution for programming in my favorite language, asp/vb .net. As I said in your office yesterday, it's funny that Windows people always feel like they have to justify their decision to use their platform to apple folks. Like they feel inferior and have to build themselves back up by knocking others down. It's kind of liek when I call other people fat, but I'm really crying inside. It makes me sad for you. My heart is heavy now.

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